• The Power of One

    I met a friend on periscope- Simone Johnson, and she talked about the power of one, now I’m big on unity, big on doing things with people, so I struggled initially with the power of one. I was trying to understand what she meant by the power of one and then I realized what she was referring to…all it takes, is one person, one connection, one event, one conversation, one meeting, one conference for a miracle to happen. A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with a woman at my dance class and what did I say to her? I said, “could you please take me a picture”? After taking the pictures, I did a few dance moves, so she made a video of my moves at the dance class, and the conversation went further. I found out from our conversation that she is a singer, and she gave me a complimentary CD album to listen to. I was blown away with her voice and as soon as I got home, I did a Facebook live video, and someone contacted me from the U.S saying they wanted to buy her songs on iTunes, and they can't find it… that almost freaked me out. So I sent a message to her and she sent a link for the download . This led me to do another periscope video that night and she got in, while I was Live. I encouraged her to do her first broadcast and that I would come in to support her alongside my followers and she agreed. I checked her out later on Periscope and found out,that on her first Broadcast, she had a hundred live viewers, and by the next day, she had another three hundred and twelve people who went back to watch the replay. She went from zero followers, zero viewers to right now having over four hundred and twelve viewers who have connected with her and because of that one conversation at dance class -she is gradually building her brand and increasing her sphere of influence doing what she loves best-Singing ! One encounter, one move, one decision, one person, that’s all it takes. Be encouraged, it takes one step, one phone call, one move to get you to you desired goal. Are you ready to take that one step today…Click here NOW to book a complimentary discovery call with me. GO! Sparkle Your World. Naomi
  • One Thing I Wish I Knew Before I Started Broadcasting

    Live streaming is one of the new ways; we now do business online. A tool to gain and boost your visibility and increase your sphere of influence. We talk about the World being a global village, about being one click away but yet some of us are comfortable with our businesses, ideas, services and even the cause we are so passionate about, restricted to our local environment.

    It’s going to get better-

    I wish I knew this before I started streaming live. Live streaming is one of the most exciting journeys that you could ever embark on. It is one way to quickly establish the know, like and trust factor. All you need to get started is a smartphone, internet connection and the right attitude. A desire for you to be at a different level from when you started. It’s just not enough to get on live streaming platforms, you must have a strong desire to succeed. Because I dared to go live, it has given a lot of people permission to start their live streaming journeys. The most important thing you can do today is take action NOW. It will get better as you progress on your journey. Go! Sparkle Your World. Naomi
  • One Thing I Learnt While Hosting the Danish Ambassador to Nigeria on My Channel

    In October 2016, I met the Danish ambassador to Nigeria-His Excellency, Ambassador Torben Gettermann at an event- “She forum Africa”, where I was speaking on the power of authentic stories as I shared my live streaming journey- one of the many platforms I was privileged to speak on, in 2016. A year earlier, I was going to pay to attend that same event but with the success story of my live streaming journey, I was invited to be a part of a Panel session on Personal Development. Before I spoke, the ambassador left so he missed my session, but after the event he was very active on twitter as he tweeted about the event. I reached out to him about his speech which was really phenomenal. I re-tweeted some of his tweets and a conversation started. My Big Lesson... Sometimes we want to do some things and we think it is impossible. I am one to go ahead and do it, the worse that can happen is get a no or it fails and that will not make me feel bad. It’s just going to let me know, maybe the timing is not right or it wasn’t meant to be. I introduced myself to the Ambassador formally and asked him if he would be interested in being a guest on my show?. The Ambassador responded positively and he became a special guest on the “Sparkle with Naomi” show. What an honor for me. I just thought to try and he responded positively. No matter what you need to do, you have to take that first move.

    Take action!

    Don’t just sit back and look at the things you could have, should have done that you haven’t done yet. The only difference is, you haven’t taken action, and you haven’t taken that first step. Perhaps you are too busy analyzing everything and suffering from analysis paralysis and trying to figure out everything on your own, because you want everything to be perfect before you start.

    Dare to take action, dare to ask.

    What’s the worst that can happen? So you get a no. What’s the worst that can happen when you start your broadcast…you feel the butterflies or you think it’s a disaster. I thought my first scope was a disaster but that didn’t stop me and here I am, building a Global Brand from the comfort of my home and teaching others from around the World how they can do the same. I dared to take action. You have seeds of greatness in you, stop waiting for the right time to start. Start now! GO! Sparkle Your World. Naomi
  • Let Go of Everything That Makes You Stop

    What is holding you back?


    I don't know where to start?

    I feel inadequate?

    I lack confidence?

    I have no followers?

    I am afraid of being rejected?

    What if I fail?

    What if I am criticized?

    What will people say?

    I am afraid of being alone?

    When I started my Journey 15 months ago, I was scared too. I had no idea what was waiting on the other side. I want to help you overcome all that is holding you back but this offer is just for a limited time. Join those who have made the decision already that 2017 will be different. One way for you to experience what you have never experienced before is to do what you have never done before. Join me HERE NOW ! I am waiting for you on the other side and you are going to love every minute with me. Book your call. GO! Sparkle Your World. Naomi
  • I AM AFRAID . . . Somebody Help Me!

    Live Streaming has enabled me literally touch the World, from the comfort of my home and I have been privileged to speak on so many platforms that I could never have believed, would happen for me. I now coach individuals and brands on how they can also do the same and profit financially too...*wink*- you didn't think I would leave the money out, did you?


    ?? Do you want your blogs to be popular with unique visitors? ?? Do you want to attract media attention for FREE? ?? Do you want to get speaking gigs and fill up your calendar? ?? Do you want to get booked for your services more than ever? ?? Do you want to know how to profit? from your passions? But, I hear a lot of people say, I am afraid to 'Go Live'- I hear you so loud and clear because I was afraid too. When I started, I had so many questions and I didn't even know what I could do with the platform, let alone profit from it. 15 months & counting with over 1000 live broadcasts, I would not change a thing.


    I Got You!

    GO! Sparkle Your World. Naomi
  • Content is King . . . Where Do I Get Content For My Live Streaming?

    A lot of people get stuck when it comes to this, or they don’t even get started at all. They say things like… Am I not going to run out of things to say? Am I even going to make sense? Yes, you are going to make sense and that’s because I have been there. When I started my journey, I had no idea what I wanted to do. But I knew that I love to inspire and encourage people and that is how my journey started. It evolved into the Sparkle with Naomi show and so much more. Right now, I am a people builder; I call out the seed of greatness in others. It is something that flows naturally for me. People connect with me and they say I didn’t think I could do this but after I listened to you, I was pushed, I was challenged and here I am. I get a lot of that and it lets me know I am on track. This is my life purpose. It is my mission to push people to the next level. To make people see they need to get out and show what they got ‘NOW’, not next year, not in 6 months but NOW!

    Two things you need to know in content creation.

    1. You know something.
    You need to sit with your good self and have a conversation and understand that there is something you know. For me, my forte is inspiring people, pushing people to the next level. For you, it could be about hair, about skin care or the work you do and you want people to see behind the scenes and see how you create the things you do. Whatever it is, there is something you know, there is something you are interested in, there is something you are passionate about, there is something you are good at and you are just taking it for granted. Do not even think for one moment that no one needs the information you have. There are a lot of people out there who actually do. There are people waiting for your message to move to the next level. Take time to evaluate yourself and have a conversation with yourself. To thy own self… first be true. Know thyself, know thy good self. Whatever people praise you on is a good sign and you need to pay attention to it. Pay attention to what you know, what you are interested in and what your heart beats for. For instance, you could be passionate about children or orphans. Talk about them and let your voice be heard. Or does your heart get torn when you hear about domestic violence? You want people to know it’s wrong and actions we should take against it. You have no idea the countless lives you will save just because you dared to 'Go Live'. 2. It is okay for you to share things that you have learnt from others. I read a lot. I am obsessed with books. I learn a lot from books. A lot of things I write about are lessons I got from books. That’s content right there! I could be watching a movie and I can connect and pick a lesson from the movie. I take content from documentaries or cartoons I watch. Everything is possible in cartoons; there is a lot of imagination and creativity that goes into it and that’s why I love it. Have you watched Kung Fu Panda? Kung Fu Panda tears me up every time. Po never believed in himself and everyone else thought he was a joke. One big lesson I learnt from Po…He dared to show up at the event. What is so amazing about this? ...That is EXACTLY where the magic happened. If Po had stayed at home, perhaps he would have never become the Dragon Warrior but he dared to step out…Are you ready to step out NOW? There are things you connect with daily, things you hear,experience, watch and read about. All you need to do is pay attention and don’t take them for granted. Content is all around you.


    Take a note and write down all the things you know. You will be amazed at what you have come up with. The next thing is to look around you and share lessons from your life, from movies, from books but remember to give credit when due. If something is not your original creation, don’t go around sharing such and claiming that it’s all from you, always give credit to whoever inspired you. That’s when it is proper, it is not proper when you take the content and make it look as though it is your original content.


    You can find out from your audience what they would like to know about for your next live streaming video. The more you do live videos, the better you become. You will find out that, it won’t be too long and you can just wake up and talk about anything because you have filled yourself with so much. Content is king, and there is content all around you. You have got content in you and all around you. Just be a little bit observant and you will be amazed at what you already have going on for you.

    I am ready to push you to the next level…Are you ready to step out. If YES, then Join me HERE NOW.

    Book Your Discovery Call.

      GO! Sparkle Your World. Naomi
  • 3 Ways to Stay Connected With Your Audience

    If I could sum up Live Streaming in one word, it would be Real-Time. I find it priceless to be able to connect with a live audience and get real-time, instant feedback. Periscope, Facebook live, Instagram live, Twitter Live, YouTube Live are some of the streaming platforms that can be leveraged on. Your audience is also able to connect with you and ask questions, this can be super engaging and it allows you establish the know, like and trust factor faster than just putting out a post and waiting for people to read and connect with you. If you want to keep your audience connected every time you go live- consider the following:
    1. Let your listeners know you are excited to be with them.

    Be excited and show it. Let your listeners know that it is great having them on your broadcast. People can’t get into your broadcast and you are just moody and non-excited. When I see something like that, the first thing I want to do is jump out of it after all there are so many people who are broadcasting. It makes me wonder why would I want to come into a broadcast and not see any form of excitement. Light up when people come into the room because they could be doing something else, they could be listening to someone else but they have taken time out to be with you. So, let your listeners see and feel your excitement and be sure to always welcome them with a smile.2

    2. Let them know you value their time and the time they will spend with you will be value added.

    To grow your influence, boost your visibility and attract people to what you do on live streams, you need to let your listeners know you are bringing value. People don’t have time for nonsense; you have to bring value if you want to get on live streaming and succeed. The value is not always about your content alone; sometimes it’s about your energy. People can come into your broadcast and be lit up when they are leaving because of the energy you brought into the room.

    3. Let them know how they add value to you

    It is value to me to know that as I share my knowledge with my audience, they understand and give me feedback. 'When my listeners show up, they give me value. One of the biggest ways I get value from live streaming is when people get to give me their feedback and suggestions. It is always learning time for me. People feel special when they know their opinion matters, so make sure you get your audience involved in he conversation. Empty rooms are a nightmare, so when you do have an audience, make sure you bring your own “A” game, make sure you bring in all the energy so people can feel the impact and come back again and again. This is how I have built my tribe over the past 15months and counting- I started with 0 followers and 0 hearts on Periscope but I kept showing up and I kept bringing value, today it’s almost 4000followers and over 1.3million hearts…you can’t buy that but you can only earn it. Sometimes it’s just in my smile, I get a lot of comments like; Oh my goodness…Your laughter is hilarious. Your laughter is contagious. For you, it can be anything. I have seen people come on with a dance while the song was playing in the background. Whatever it is, bring your “A”game , bring your energy. If you have to do the electric dance or any other thing, just do what you have to do and get your audience captivated and of course make sure you give them value because that will bring them coming back for more. Go! Sparkle your world. Naomi