3 Ways to Stay Connected With Your Audience

If I could sum up Live Streaming in one word, it would be Real-Time. I find it priceless to be able to connect with a live audience and get real-time, instant feedback.

Periscope, Facebook live, Instagram live, Twitter Live, YouTube Live are some of the streaming platforms that can be leveraged on. Your audience is also able to connect with you and ask questions, this can be super engaging and it allows you establish the know, like and trust factor faster than just putting out a post and waiting for people to read and connect with you.

If you want to keep your audience connected every time you go live- consider the following:

  1. Let your listeners know you are excited to be with them.

Be excited and show it. Let your listeners know that it is great having them on your broadcast. People can’t get into your broadcast and you are just moody and non-excited. When I see something like that, the first thing I want to do is jump out of it after all there are so many people who are broadcasting. It makes me wonder why would I want to come into a broadcast and not see any form of excitement.

Light up when people come into the room because they could be doing something else, they could be listening to someone else but they have taken time out to be with you. So, let your listeners see and feel your excitement and be sure to always welcome them with a smile.2

2. Let them know you value their time and the time they will spend with you will be value added.

To grow your influence, boost your visibility and attract people to what you do on live streams, you need to let your listeners know you are bringing value. People don’t have time for nonsense; you have to bring value if you want to get on live streaming and succeed. The value is not always about your content alone; sometimes it’s about your energy. People can come into your broadcast and be lit up when they are leaving because of the energy you brought into the room.

3. Let them know how they add value to you

It is value to me to know that as I share my knowledge with my audience, they understand and give me feedback. ‘When my listeners show up, they give me value.

One of the biggest ways I get value from live streaming is when people get to give me their feedback and suggestions. It is always learning time for me. People feel special when they know their opinion matters, so make sure you get your audience involved in he conversation.

Empty rooms are a nightmare, so when you do have an audience, make sure you bring your own “A” game, make sure you bring in all the energy so people can feel the impact and come back again and again. This is how I have built my tribe over the past 15months and counting- I started with 0 followers and 0 hearts on Periscope but I kept showing up and I kept bringing value, today it’s almost 4000followers and over 1.3million hearts…you can’t buy that but you can only earn it.

Sometimes it’s just in my smile, I get a lot of comments like; Oh my goodness…Your laughter is hilarious. Your laughter is contagious. For you, it can be anything. I have seen people come on with a dance while the song was playing in the background. Whatever it is, bring your “A”game , bring your energy. If you have to do the electric dance or any other thing, just do what you have to do and get your audience captivated and of course make sure you give them value because that will bring them coming back for more.

Go! Sparkle your world.



  • Bryte Chinule

    Yeah. I got the vibe there Naomi.

    Spot on come in with your own YouNique – maybe not the Naomi smile, maybe a dance or something that rocks. This piece will sure mark a transformer for me.

    Thanks Naomi.

    • @naomiosemedua

      You are most welcome Bryte.

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