Content is King . . . Where Do I Get Content For My Live Streaming?

A lot of people get stuck when it comes to this, or they don’t even get started at all. They say things like… Am I not going to run out of things to say? Am I even going to make sense?

Yes, you are going to make sense and that’s because I have been there. When I started my journey, I had no idea what I wanted to do. But I knew that I love to inspire and encourage people and that is how my journey started. It evolved into the Sparkle with Naomi show and so much more. Right now, I am a people builder; I call out the seed of greatness in others. It is something that flows naturally for me. People connect with me and they say I didn’t think I could do this but after I listened to you, I was pushed, I was challenged and here I am. I get a lot of that and it lets me know I am on track. This is my life purpose. It is my mission to push people to the next level. To make people see they need to get out and show what they got ‘NOW’, not next year, not in 6 months but NOW!

Two things you need to know in content creation.

  1. You know something.

You need to sit with your good self and have a conversation and understand that there is something you know. For me, my forte is inspiring people, pushing people to the next level. For you, it could be about hair, about skin care or the work you do and you want people to see behind the scenes and see how you create the things you do. Whatever it is, there is something you know, there is something you are interested in, there is something you are passionate about, there is something you are good at and you are just taking it for granted. Do not even think for one moment that no one needs the information you have. There are a lot of people out there who actually do. There are people waiting for your message to move to the next level.

Take time to evaluate yourself and have a conversation with yourself. To thy own self… first be true. Know thyself, know thy good self. Whatever people praise you on is a good sign and you need to pay attention to it. Pay attention to what you know, what you are interested in and what your heart beats for.

For instance, you could be passionate about children or orphans. Talk about them and let your voice be heard.

Or does your heart get torn when you hear about domestic violence? You want people to know it’s wrong and actions we should take against it. You have no idea the countless lives you will save just because you dared to ‘Go Live’.

2. It is okay for you to share things that you have learnt from others.

I read a lot. I am obsessed with books. I learn a lot from books. A lot of things I write about are lessons I got from books. That’s content right there! I could be watching a movie and I can connect and pick a lesson from the movie. I take content from documentaries or cartoons I watch. Everything is possible in cartoons; there is a lot of imagination and creativity that goes into it and that’s why I love it.

Have you watched Kung Fu Panda?

Kung Fu Panda tears me up every time. Po never believed in himself and everyone else thought he was a joke. One big lesson I learnt from Po…He dared to show up at the event. What is so amazing about this? …That is EXACTLY where the magic happened. If Po had stayed at home, perhaps he would have never become the Dragon Warrior but he dared to step out…Are you ready to step out NOW?

There are things you connect with daily, things you hear,experience, watch and read about. All you need to do is pay attention and don’t take them for granted. Content is all around you.


Take a note and write down all the things you know. You will be amazed at what you have come up with.

The next thing is to look around you and share lessons from your life, from movies, from books but remember to give credit when due.

If something is not your original creation, don’t go around sharing such and claiming that it’s all from you, always give credit to whoever inspired you. That’s when it is proper, it is not proper when you take the content and make it look as though it is your original content.


You can find out from your audience what they would like to know about for your next live streaming video. The more you do live videos, the better you become. You will find out that, it won’t be too long and you can just wake up and talk about anything because you have filled yourself with so much.

Content is king, and there is content all around you. You have got content in you and all around you. Just be a little bit observant and you will be amazed at what you already have going on for you.

I am ready to push you to the next level…Are you ready to step out. If YES, then Join me HERE NOW.

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