The Power of One

I met a friend on periscope- Simone Johnson, and she talked about the power of one, now I’m big on unity, big on doing things with people, so I struggled initially with the power of one.

I was trying to understand what she meant by the power of one and then I realized what she was referring to…all it takes, is one person, one connection, one event, one conversation, one meeting, one conference for a miracle to happen.

A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with a woman at my dance class and what did I say to her? I said, “could you please take me a picture”? After taking the pictures, I did a few dance moves, so she made a video of my moves at the dance class, and the conversation went further.

I found out from our conversation that she is a singer, and she gave me a complimentary CD album to listen to. I was blown away with her voice and as soon as I got home, I did a Facebook live video, and someone contacted me from the U.S saying they wanted to buy her songs on iTunes, and they can’t find it… that almost freaked me out. So I sent a message to her and she sent a link for the download .

This led me to do another periscope video that night and she got in, while I was Live. I encouraged her to do her first broadcast and that I would come in to support her alongside my followers and she agreed.

I checked her out later on Periscope and found out,that on her first Broadcast, she had a hundred live viewers, and by the next day, she had another three hundred and twelve people who went back to watch the replay. She went from zero followers, zero viewers to right now having over four hundred and twelve viewers who have connected with her and because of that one conversation at dance class -she is gradually building her brand and increasing her sphere of influence doing what she loves best-Singing !

One encounter, one move, one decision, one person, that’s all it takes. Be encouraged, it takes one step, one phone call, one move to get you to you desired goal.

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GO! Sparkle Your World.


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