Live Streaming is fast becoming a Game changer . . .

and you wonder how to make sense of it all, especially with the numerous platforms to choose from. You wonder how you can enjoy true freedom while Making a Difference Positively in the lives of others and oh…make money *wink.

You desire to put your services, products, and even your cause out there for the World to see and also attract your ideal clients which will, in turn, increase your sphere of influence without you breaking the bank.


my name is Naomi Osemedua

and just a few short years ago, this was me…

I ran away from home and eloped at age 22.

I lost everything including my family and I was written off as useless.

I became a victim of domestic abuse. It was so bad, I thought I would not make it out alive.

I got divorced at age 30 with two sons, becoming a single mum before my 31st birthday and wondering…“How did I get here?”

Then Things Changed…

I found love again at age 34.

I got married for the first time before my family and friends a few days away from my 35th birthday.

I became pregnant at 36.

Gave birth at 37 after over 12 years of all things pregnancy.

And Things Changed Again!

With no tech background whatsoever, I wrote my first book, reaching Amazon best seller status in February 2016.

Then in April 2016, I became the first African woman to trend on Periscope with over 20 million viewers after 6 months of Live broadcasts!

I became a TEDx speaker in October 2016.

An International Conference Speaker at the WIN Conference, Nigeria. November 2016.

Hosted a Workshop at Social Media Week, Lagos 2017

Became a Speaker at HIVE AFRICA Global Leaders Conference…

I am currently known as the African Queen of Live Streaming.

In March 2017, I started a Podcast show called the Women With Stories inspired by my personal journey of surviving domestic abuse and divorce…today, I lead the Global Movement- The Women With Stories International. See more HERE

How Did My Life Go From A Near Tragedy To

An Absolute Miracle?

What changed?

I’ll tell you.

Faith . . .

Hard work…


A Smartphone/Mobile Device + Internet Data.

Let me explain.

In October 2015, I discovered, now raging phenomenon called LIVE STREAMING while nursing my baby.

What’s live streaming, you ask?

It’s simply, using LIVE video to connect to social media users around the world, and sharing your knowledge, insights, and expertise with them while building a personal or business brand.

I have to be honest that I was afraid when I started because it was a new platform and I had a choice to run off and come back later or stay and learn…

I made a decision to push forward and ‘OWN’ the Platform and I had one wish that someday, I would be able to take all my experience including the successes, mishaps, and pitfalls and help YOU achieve your specific desire. Today, with over 30,000Hours invested in streaming over 1000 live broadcasts…I believe I can show you, how you too can Win with Live Streaming…

Now, it’s your turn to learn from a woman who has been there and done that.

Together, let’s create a Sparkle Effect.

What am I offering you?

I am on a mission to help you live your best life ‘NOW’. The Sparkle with Naomi Company is built on a solid foundation with one desire only . . .

to be a part of your success story.

Through our free content, paid online training and coaching services plus everything else we may offer–we are with you all the way to make a positive difference in the world.

Whether you’re starting or growing your business or looking to make a big change in your personal life or business, we’re here to help you live life to the fullest potential as we call out the seeds of greatness already inside of YOU.