The 21 Day Content Calendar – Audio Course

..My Step by Step Guide for QUICKLY getting started, staying consistent and making your first sale in 21 Days using Live Videos.

It’s about time you stopped worrying about…

*How do I get started with Live Videos?

*Where will I get Content from?

*What if I run out of things to say?

*How can I stay consistent and keep my audience coming back for more?

I am going to share with you…

*How to stop the fear of imperfection, get started with Live Videos so you look like a pro from Day 1.

* My step by step for showing up consistently and getting your audience to come back for more.

*How to position yourself as the Go to expert in your niche as you establish the know,like and trust factor with your audience.

*How to deliver content that will impact the lives of those who follow what you do.

*My simple and straight up strategy to help you make your first sale after 14 days.

*Exactly how to be your Authentic self and build a community of raving fans who are willing to pay for your products/services.

Let’s Jump right in!

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