Wow! I can’t get tired of talking and writing about working with Naomi ?

You helped me discover my fears and you addressed them individually. You even voiced out some of the fears I was struggling with before I said it and it made me feel like you were a mind or thought reader ?

You brought me to the point of self awareness, the 10 questions you asked us to respond to really brought me to a point of self realisation .

You awakened my visual capacity with the making of our vision board , during that process, my mind wandered afar of, it made me peep into my future without being there yet and it awakened the determination to stay focused.

You helped me achieve the “how” in living life by design. You taught me a method I can apply to all areas of my life and it would still achieve the same result, That is the belief system.
You didn’t just stop at showing us the what and why of living life by design but you taught the master key and that is the “how”

You made me draw up belief systems that was indeed fabulous and it really boosted my self confidence.

I loved the way you catered for the brain, the mind, soul and body.
You made us think and added knowledge (brain), blended the teaching with music (soul and mind) and there was food (the body) no aspect was neglected and it led to effective learning without any sort of inhibitions

6 hours with you wasn’t boring at all, honestly I can’t even remember how it got to 6 hours, felt like we just got started at every point.

Hope to be able to teach like you and hold my audience spell bound with my talks and teaching ?

Obize Anne Amaka

It all started from the first One hour session we had. I drove home singing in the car because I felt like I had finally gotten it all together.

Working with you made me understand that my dreams are possible because they are out of the World and BIG??

I gained clarity.

The one big thing that is always clear in my mind is helping me finally nail the pleasure of my ideal client.

The benefit of the benefit was golden for me as it gave me total clarity and confidence knowing that I can now truly go smash it.

The assignments took me down memory lane making me understand that my goals and ambitions go way back . It wasn’t just one fad and you helped me bring them back to mind and life.

Because of my experience with you, I can now confidently tell anyone not to go the walk alone, but rather go hand held as there must be at least one or more missing pieces of the process that is in the hands of someone else, your guide.

You held my one missing piece and gave it to me without holding any of it back the minute I stretched out my hand to hold yours.

I loved the journey.

Linda Edewor- Nigeria’s No.1 Coach to Overwhelmed Moms

Truly Naomi, I feel like saying you helped me solve a million problems…
*Clearing my clutter
*Getting started
*Leveraging social media
*Staying focused on Purpose
*Living Intentionally
*Developing a workable strategy.

Winnie Mabena- International Speaker and Author - Zambia

Thank you for your support ? Your mentorship has helped me in unleashing my potential and getting out of my comfort zone not because or when I feel like it, but because I was created for greater heights… And the best time to do what I have to do is NOW! You have been a great encouragement in helping me do things afraid and fail forward rather than waiting for the so called ‘perfect time’.

Nqobile Mdima - International Teacher/ Career Coach - China

This has been one of the most transformational seasons of my life. I can remember how timid I was to scope and I used to sit on the other side of the screen and watch others scope and somehow I wished to break out of that shell of timidity. One day someone shared a post and I can not quite remember who it was but I found myself on Naomi Osemedua‘s scope and she asked the question, “What is holding you back from scoping?” If you have not yet scoped enter a 1, so knowing how dramatic I am I entered 111111111111111111111, which stood out so she laughed and acknowledged me and it was then I introduced myself; it was an Elizabeth-Mary experience. It was as if something leaped inside of me and my desire to scope was sparked. Soon after that I became a regular broadcaster. Naomi, I would like to thank you for your commitment to making me better, I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to hold a special place in your vision. I am here for you and I believe in what God is doing in your life.

“Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.”

Proverbs 22:29 KJV

Yetunde Speaks

Awesome Workshop…I had been to a live streaming workshop in Dubai but it was too far-fetched, too high falluting. Naomi’s message was clear, to the point, crisp, simple language and brought the concept home. Thank you Naomi, we are set to show up and serve, ready to build a brand through live streaming.


Prof Ifeoma Okoye.

You have just given me new life.

Ebere Chendo

Incredibly awesome session. Practical and Inspiring.

Eleanor Nwadinobi

Your presentation was so detailed that one can never measure up with any training institution. I am pushed to fly-fly-fly..

Elizabeth Oppongadusah

Your Class was just wonderful. It really Inspired me. It was my first time in a practical class. Your energy is Contagious. I hope to welcome you to Cameroon to share your story.

Anne Pelagie Yotchou

Your class was excellent, I have learnt a lot about how I can take advantage of the latest technology. You also taught me to be more Optimistic.

Oluwafemi Hattrick

My fire and confidence has never been higher and it’s only getting better and stronger. Thank you Naomi!

Tyshawn Johnson

When I first came on Periscope about 2 months ago I was a YouTuber. So I was used to editing out my mistakes before publishing my videos. Going live felt very intimating to me. I began to watch the Sparkle with Naomi Pass the cast and my desire to participate grew. One day Naomi Osemedua called me out on a scope and she said “what are you afraid of LaMonique?” “Are you afraid of the trolls? What are you afraid of?”

This was the best thing she could have done. I decided I was up for the challenge and I did a scope in my weight room. Naomi came and gave me encouragement and support. Soon after I was participating in the pass the cast scope week after week. Now I scope regularly, my confidence has grown and my audience is building. Naomi you are truly a queen and you are fulfilling your assignment of calling out THE SEEDS OF GREATNESS FROM WITHIN US. I have met some phenomenal women because of you. God bless you as you accelerate to a new level. You deserve it!

LaMonique Mac

As I joined Periscope I bumped into Naomi Osemedua‘s live stream and all I encountered was a soul full of life, who is constantly in pursuit of happiness for those she knows and those who care to listen to her….still learning a thing or two from you..Keep the fire burning

Tunde Olanipekun